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About Us(English Version)

About Us

Special Education Center



Mission :


The Center was established at May 1st, 1979. The purposes of this Center are to  promote and provide counseling to special education of elementary schools in Taipei City and Kimen County . The services of the Center include conducting professional special education conferences, providing special education consultants, organizing forums that related to special education, publishing books and periodicals of special education, cooperating with Ministry of Education and Bureau of Education of Taipei City to arrange research and study events for special education teachers.


Staff Directory:


Director and an assistant.


The Center endeavors to deliver the correct understanding and recognition of children with special needs to the public, further support special education policies and plans executed by the government, in order to protect and enhance welfare for children with special needs, and bring more support and appreciation to special education teachers and professionals.


● Short term:

1) To provide professional consultant, meeting, and personal counseling.

2) To conduct special education conferences.

3) To promote special education teachers in elementary schools and pre-schools to obtain the license of special education assessment.

4) To arrange conferences of research and practice of the special education and early intervention.

5) To publish the special education books and periodicals,and to develop materials of the special education.

6) To assist teachers to screen, evaluation, arrange and teach students with special needs.

7) To help special educational organizations to handle the special education work.

● Medium term:
1) To prompt research and academic development of special education.

2) To develop special education screening and assessment instruments in .


● Long term:


To work on conveying correct philosophies of special education, guarantying benefits for students with special needs, providing supports from special education professors and cooperating with government to advance special education polices and practices.