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Primary Work
1. To draft special education guidance plans and hold periodic guidance at all levels of education institutions
2. To compile and print periodicals and books for special education and elementary-level special education
3. To produce educational materials and tools for pre- and elementary schools
4. To assist in the screening, identification, placement, and guidance of special students in the counseling area
5. To hold special education forums and continuing education research and study events for special education teachers
6. To hold special education materials/tools evaluation and exhibition events
7. To assist the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education of the Taipei City Government with onsite visits and evaluations of special education programs
8. To perform theoretical and practical research in special education
9. To assist in holding special education research and promotion events as commissioned from authorities such as the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education at the county and city levels
10. To provide counseling, interviews, and personal case counseling services for special education teachers
11. To collate special educational materials from Taiwan and the global educational community
12. To lend assessment tools
13. To handle identification and placement counseling for disabled students in institutions of higher education for the Ministry of Education (Second Northern Taiwan Teaching Resource Center)
14. To handle all other special education promotion affairs