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Primary Work

1. To draft special education guidance plans and provide periodic guidance for educational institutions at all levels.

2. To compile and print books and periodicals for Special Education and The Development of Special Education respectively.

3. To produce educational materials and tools for preschool and elementary age students.

4. To conduct special education conference and organize events and activities to train special education teachers.

5. To handle the evaluation and display of special education tools and materials.

6. To assist both city and county government entities with onsite visits and evaluations of special education programs

7. To assist in holding special education research and promotional events as commissioned from authorities such as the Ministry of Education and the Department of Education at the city and county levels.

8. To provide consulting services, facilitate one-on-one conferences, and individualized guidance for families and special education teachers.

9. To collate special educational materials from Taiwan and the global educational community

10. To facilitate the lending of assessment tools

11. To handle identification and guidance for students with disabilities in institutions of higher education for the Ministry of Education (New Taipei District).

12. To handle all other related special education promotional matters.